Public Health Docu Series

Future Public Health Initiative:

You know we so often miss the blessed opportunities in life that give us a chance to see the world, one step at a time. Well, my dream in the future is to focus on the initiative of bridging the gap between medicine and dentistry through public health initaiative programs with this amazing idea: Public Health Dentistry: Oral Health Matters Too, in a Medical Based Landscape…….A Documentary/Video Diary Series.

The Series will show:

How Public Health is seen globally and how others are creating through healthcare. I want to show the creative and innovative world of philanthropy and how education is so important through a child’s eyes.

Interviews will be conducted of healthcare professionals making a difference in Global and Public Health.

Improving and establishing better oral health programs nationally and globally, while giving compassion & support to those who do not have access to quality oral healthcare is VITAL in my cause as a dentist and healthcare advocate. I want my focus to be on maternal and children’s health through nutrition by implementing the best quality programs geared towards prevention and awareness of poor oral health. I want to decrease childhood hunger and poor dental health connected to scarcity of food and improper education in the maintenance of oral health.

Journey with me across the world. I speak it, because I envisioned it through my Faith in God, hard work and of course school. The Long, long hours and years of sacrifice paid off. To serve is my purpose. Shaping Communities by Shaping Smiles. 🙂

The Video Series will start this Summer 2016 and will be posted through this page. Able Minds, Able Hearts find peace through SERVING! Supporting Social Good and Global Change.

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