Our Health Plans in a Changed Environment or Is it?


Here is an interesting Article that I read on NPR Health with information on how few states use health law options for low-cost health plans from Kaiser Health News today.



Global Walker: Finding My Place

I am not afraid…I was born to do this. –Joan of Arc

Community Health Day at Meharry Medical College in Nashville,TN

Community Health Day at Meharry Medical College in Nashville,TN in 2009

You know we so often miss the blessed opportunities in life that give us a chance to see the world, one step at a time. Well, I am taking the initiative and stepping out on faith with an amazing idea on my journey in Global Health and Global Dentistry…….A Documentary/Video Diary Series on my life and travel experiences through the lens of a camera.

The Series will show: 

Global Healthcare through my eyes and how others are impacting this world. I want to show the creative and innovative world of philanthropy and how shaping this world in education is important through children’s eyes.

Improving and establishing better oral health programs nationally and globally, while giving compassion & support to those who do not have access to quality oral healthcare is vital in my opinion as a dentist.

Journey with me across the world. I speak it, because I envisioned it through my Faith in God, hard work and of course school. The Long, long hours and years of sacrifice paid off. To serve is my purpose.


Thank you Lord in this journey and new endeavor. To My love, family and close friends who have helped me immensely, so ever grateful!

The Bible says: The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. In my case a woman on a MISSION POSSIBLE! 🙂

Strive to Make a Difference.


My dental school graduation in 2009. The day that changed my life forever.

My dental school graduation in 2009. The day that changed my life forever, the day I became a Doctor. To serve my fellow man by God’s grace. He covered my hands and my heart that day and the journey began.

Purpose and Service…from the Heart.

Banksy I Heart NYI Love New York, Doctor by Banksy

Worship of God through Service to Mankind. -Meharry Medical College Motto.

My goal in life, has always been to serve others who are in need, who need a voice. -my cause

Sentebale, “Forget Me Not”


In my heart as a doctor, I feel I must help prevent the threat against quality healthcare and to improve education through preserving it. The Sentebale Charity, which I am strongly supporting and feel is an important cause to end the stigma of HIV/AIDS for orphaned families, especially children of Lesotho in South Africa. It was founded by Prince Harry of Wales and Prince Seeiso of Lesotho. The organization helps vulnerable children, the forgotten victims of poverty and Lesotho’s HIV/AIDS epidemic. Sentebale means “FORGET ME NOT,” in the Sesotho language of Lesotho. We certainly, will not forget those suffering with this deadly disease and the charity wants to help improve quality education and healthcare for these children and their families. Lesotho has the world’s 3rd highest infection rate of HIV/AIDS.

Sentebale created, the Mamohato Programme, in response to research that showed how children with HIV often felt isolated, receiving little support in their homes and communities to help them deal with the social and psychological challenges they face. The camp offers real hope for the future for these children. Hope you share in the cause and the fight for better quality of life.

There are several Mamohato camps a year, each lasting five days and typically hosting 40 children. Accommodation, food, transport and kit are all provided. Trained staff run the camps, helped by doctors, nurses and social workers from the clinics where the children are treated.

At the camps, children can openly discuss HIV/AIDS, how it affects them and how they can best cope with it. Child-to-child communication is an important aspect of the camps, with children being encouraged to share experiences with one another. The sessions cover life-skills such as hygiene, nutrition and adherence to anti-retroviral therapy, as well as HIV-focused games, sports, arts, crafts and drama. Children are taught simple ways to remember when they need to take their treatment, using reminders such as a watch and a pillbox.

Here is the link to find out more about this organization, donations, and if you would like to help: sentebale.org